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Removable Tanks

Our 500 litre – 5000 litre demountable tanks are fully geared up with top quality pressure pumps, large bore hose pipes, fittings, nozzles and camlocks to make your job quick and easy.
Our demountable tanks are designed to be raised on and off your truck or trailer with ease.
Industries services include:
• Agriculture.
• Mining & Quarrying.
• Hire Companies.
• Building & Construction.
• Government Organisations, Councils and so on.
• Road Construction.
• Forestry.
• Fire Authorities.
We likewise offer pickup and delivery 7 days a week along with management and maintenance of your water tanks and water levels.
Book your budget-friendly tank today, call or email us at info@watertankservice.com.au.


• Dust Control

Routine watering will remove the dust in the atmosphere and guarantee a stabilised surface

• Construction

Supply of water to a construction and building site can be paramount to a safe and effective building process

• Building

Lots of building works need water for tank and swimming pool fills, drain flushing, pipeline flushing in addition to completing building inspections

• Roadway Works

Stabilising and cleaning road works is important to the continuous works in addition to ecologically safe water consumption

• Street Washing

Ecologically sound process of cleaning and cleaning both newly developed and established streets

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